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Cornwall Council Make 8 Milliom a Year in Parking Fine Charges!

Cornwall Council are bringing in 8 million pounds worth of revevenue from parking charges. Outside of London, the only place that reaps more per year in caring charges is Brighton. This approach has met with some major criticism this week. To read the full story, click on this link:
Car Drivers Cash Cows for Cornwall Council

For help with appealing a parking fine click here:
Free advice and services from Bailiff Advice

Clampdown on councils using heavy handed bailiffs.

On the 17th of June 2013 Eric Pickles set out plans to tackle the use of heavy-handed bailiffs by councils to protect people from unfair treatment. This includes new guidelines aimed at:

  • Ending ‘phantom’ visits
  • Ceasing council kickbacks
  • Further protections for the individual.

Further details can be found here: Clampdown on councils using heavy handed bailiffs.

To see the full document click on the following link: Guidelines to Local Authorities on Good Practice in the Collection of Council Tax Arrears.

What can you do if a bailiff comes to your home?

What you are – and what you are not allowed to do if the bailiff comes calling.

A list of frequently asked questions and informed answers regarding bailiffs and your rights produced by The Guardian. To read this article click on the link below.

What can you do if a bailiff comes to your home?

New Government Guidelines for Councils Using Bailiffs

Guidance to local councils on good practice in the collection of Council Tax arrears, view the full document here:
Guidance to local Councils.