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Are Equita Bailiffs Contacting You With Regards to a Fine or Council Tax Arrears?

Bailiff Advice can help you, we have a dedicated team with extensive experience and legal training in this area. We will provide you with free advice, we are a confidential service and have extensive experience of advising and supporting people on how to deal with bailiffs and how to resolve their financial issues.

Stopping Bailiff Action – Bailiff Advice Can Do This For You

Bailiff Advice can act on your behalf. We deal directly with Equita Bailiffs  and your local authority for you, and can usually stop bailiff action within a couple of hours. Once we have stopped the bailiff action we will negotiate an affordable payment plan for you so that you can clear your outstanding arrears or fine.

We are here to advise, support and help.  For free bailiff advice contact us now on 0800 1777 955

Equita Bailifs – What are Your Rights?

Many bailiff companies use underhand and deceitful tactics when collecting outstanding council tax arrears & fines some of these include:

  • Breaking In – Bailiffs often threaten that they will break in/return with a locksmith. They can not do this without a warrant obtained from the courts. If you let them into your property, they can return at a later time or date and force entry.
  • Third Parties – Often the bailiffs will tell you that they refuse to deal with third parties, they are not able to refuse, if you appoint a third party to negotiate on your behalf they are legally obliged to deal with the third party
  • Unfair Pressure and Excessive Payments – Bailiffs will often try to pressure you into paying/agreeing to pay more than you can afford each month. They are not allowed to do this. Bailiff Advice are experienced in negotiating on our clients behalf for an affordable and achievable payment plan.
  • Excessive Bailiff Fees. Many Bailiffs will try to charge unreasonable amounts for their visits and letters. Bailiff Advice are here to help with these.

What  If Equita Bailiffs Come To Your Home?

Call Bailiff Advice to stop Equita Bailiffs coming to your home.  Our team are here to help you and will provide you with the advice and support that you need to stop bailiff action and set up a realistic and achievable payment plan.   Call 0800 1777 955

  • Ensure that all your doors are locked and windows closed.
  • Do not let them into your home under any circumstances.
  • Do not feel intimidated, regardless of any threats or demands they may make. Bailiff Advice can stop this happening.
  • Do not sign any paperwork
  • If you do talk to them, talk through your door, do not open it.

How can Bailiff Advice help you with Equita Bailiffs?

  • We can provide you with free advice
  • We can stop bailiff action for you
  • We can stop Equita Bailiffs from contacting you
  • We can negotiate an affordable and sustainable repayment plan for you
  • We can take the pressure off and handle everything for you, giving you peace of mind.

Call Bailiff Advice Now:  0800 1777 955